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Mars Lander Crashed, Possibly Exploded

Satellite imagery from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) dashed hopes that Europe’s Schiaparelli lander arrived in one piece on the surface of Mars.

Before and after shots of Schiaparelli’s landing site show a white spot, believed to be the probe’s jettisoned parachute, and a large dark region, the likely crash site, images released on Friday show. Continue reading Mars Lander Crashed, Possibly Exploded

Mars Is Coming Out of an Ice Age

Radar imagery from a NASA Mars orbiter shows the Red Planet has been through cycles of climate change — and it’s currently thawing.

 Mars is in the process of 370,000-year-old climate shift that, one day, will leave the Red Planet looking fairly pink, new research shows.

Evidence that Mars is emerging from an ice age comes from analysis of radar images showing dramatic variations within layers of ice inside the planet’s northern polar cap. As the planet warms, more ice collects on its polar regions, the reverse of long-duration climate shifts on Earth. The cycles are triggered by variations in the planets’ orbits around the sun and their axial tilts. Continue reading Mars Is Coming Out of an Ice Age

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