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Curiosity’s Mars Drill Is Jammed

Having your drill break down while you’re millions of miles from the nearest hardware store would be a bummer, but that is exactly what’s happened to NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity.

The rover, which is currently located at the lower slopes of the 3.4-mile-high Mount Sharp (officially known as Aeolis Mons), was supposed to carry out a drilling operation on a geologically interesting location on Dec. 1 when mission controllers got word that Curiosity was unable to complete its commands. Early indications show that the rover detected a fault with the “drill feed” mechanism that lowers the drill piece to the rocky sample and aborted the operation. Continue reading Curiosity’s Mars Drill Is Jammed

Sandbox Selfie! Curiosity Plays in Mars Sand Dune

Sure, NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has seen sand before, but this dune is by far the biggest and the six-wheeled rover is making the most of it.

Seen here on sol 1,228 (Jan. 19) of its mission, Curiosity another another picturesque selfie, using its robotic arm-mounted Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI). MAHLI snapped 57 high-resolution Continue reading Sandbox Selfie! Curiosity Plays in Mars Sand Dune